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 •Love the Artistry of Weddings.  It might seem simplistic, but at Spirit of Play Video, we just genuinely love weddings and it shows in our work. “They are one of our favorite things we film”, says three time Emmy award winning Director/Producer, Cinematographer, Gigi Faraci Harris,  president of Spirit of Play Video.  We strive to create the most stirring, beautiful, emotional, fun, authentic and artistic wedding films possible.  It’s the biggest day of your life and it will only come once, so only trust your wedding memories to the highly specialized experienced wedding film makers.  When you hire Gigi to facilitate your wedding, you are hiring more than just someone to record your wedding day. You are hiring a professional Cinematographer to set the mood and emotion of this most important day of your lives, through the artistry of Film.  Our greatest joy is hearing back from our clients, telling us how much they love and will cherish their wedding highlight and Full video  This is so personal for us and in the process we make wonderful friends for a lifetime.  We have the the most fabulous job in the world! 


Gigi's Work


Our Signature Cinematic long form and Short-Form Highlight edit 

Your completed film features a highly polished, deeply moving long form 15-20 minute, or short form 4-7 minute, narrative style, highlight film of  Be swept away by the emotional imagery of the narrative, music video style, cinematic edit.  Our long and short form wedding highlights are our most popular product of all because short form highlight they are quick and wonderful way to view all of your most important moments of your wedding day with family and friends.   We upload to YouTube, and Vimeo for easy High Definition download for you, friends and family with password and for social media sharing.   We also provide you with Digital file of the highlight as well as the full wedding video check out this great video


Our Signature Cinematic Full-Length Edit Your completed wedding video features a highly polished, deeply moving  full-length "exactly as it occurred" version of your wedding ceremony and the major events of the reception, rehearsal and rehearsal dinner if applicable as well as your narrated love story.  These run about 2 hours or longer.  

• Whether you wish to be swept by the emotional imagery of the cinematic musical highlight edit, or sit back and relive every single word that was spoken, it's truly the best of both worlds!

Check out or long form and short form highlight videos below

Spirit Of Play Long Form Videos

Gigi's Short Form Videos