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Who What Where & Why Of CWP

The Who Of CWP

 We are some of the best vendors in Chicago and Suburbs, consisting of experienced and passionate wedding vendors of every service type a couple could need.  We are each others "Wedding Family," which means you get our family joining your family to make an experience that we all will never forget. 

The What Of CWP

 What we are is a group of like minded vendors in the Chicago wedding industry that share a common love, passion and commitment to the incredible industry and couples that we provide our services for.  We are friends in every respect that enjoy working together and have the capability to bring a more consistent, fluid and seamless experience to every one of our clients, or as we call them, friends. 

The When Of CWP

 The when is simple, whenever YOU need us.  We are there for you whenever you need us, day, night, whenever. Because we want to take away as much of the stress of planning your big day because every part of this process should be a joyous, celebratory and special moment and not something that brings you grief. This is an amazing time in your life, so we want you to relish it all! 

The Where Of CWP

 Wherever you need us. While we are focused on the Chicagoland metropolitan area, suburbs and city, many of our vendors are experienced in and available for travel and even for destination weddings 

The Why Of CWP

 This is the most important question. Why are we here? Why are we doing this?  After 16 wedding seasons in Chicago, a bunch of us vendors were discussing the changes we have seen in the industry; lack of passion; at times greed, the stress of planning and not to be ignored, the incredible increase in cost of weddings in Chicago and Suburbs.  We want to bring back the romance, the fun, the celebration, the joy, the anticipation in planning and the affordability in realizing a couples dream day.  Our goal is your happiness, keeping your stress levels down and making sure we can give you memories that will forever bring a smile to your face and the faces of all your guests.

What Exactly Do We Do?


We can provide everything you need, from venue till honeymoon and everything in between.

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